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Online Collaboration in Projects

Many internal and external parties are involved in the realisation of a project. Everybody adds value in his/her own way, and every action has to be recorded. This is often done manually or via long exchanges of e-mails.


Do you want to collaborate with multiple parties from an early stage in the project, for instance with architects, vendors and subcontractors? This is called supply chain collaboration. We believe that this is the basis for a successful project.


All information produced by you or another party involved, needs to be recorded in your ERP application, simply but securely. By using the 4PS portals, you digitise the entire process, and nothing will stop you from collaborating on projects.

4PS has various standard portals that work integrally with 4PS Construct.


4PS Timesheet Portal | Submit your hours to the right project anytime and anywhere.
4PS Service Portal | Collaborate with your customers on a single platform for all maintenance.
4PS Subcontractor Portal | Collaborate digitally with your subcontractors.
4PS Document Portal | Manage your project file online and collaborate on projects.


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Logging Hours Online

Many project organisations still use time reports. The site manager records the hours of the team, after which a colleague at the office copies these hours into the bookkeeping package manually. To our knowledge, hours have always been assigned to projects in this way.


But is it the most efficient way? We do not think so and, therefore, we developed the 4PS Timesheet Portal, specifically intended for people who do not have access to or do not have a licence for the bookkeeping package.


Anytime and Anywhere

Using the 4PS Timesheet Portal, your staff can fill in their timesheets online at the construction site, on the way to work or at the office. As standard, all employees are shown the projects they are involved in and can post their hours with a simple mouse click. A web-based timesheet application also provides the option to obtain a clear overview of leave records.


After the hours have been approved by the manager, they are transferred to 4PS Construct. The administration can perform a last check before finalising the closing.


With the 4PS Timesheet Portal, it is easier for employees of construction, mechanical and electrical and civil engineering companies to post their hours. Additionally, the chance of errors (caused by copying information manually) is reduced, and the 4PS Timesheet Portal saves you a lot of time.


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Consultancy and Implementation
The implementation of our application in your business requires knowledge of your business processes, change management and the actual application. The 4PS Consultants guarantee fast, controlled and affordable implementations.
Project Management
The success of an implementation is partly due to a good project manager. The fact is that during the rebuilding implementation, the shop should remain open and activities should be running as usual. The 4PS project managers monitor the progress and they oversee the overall process.
We strive to provide a smooth and flawless operation of our products. If you have a query, you are encouraged to report it quickly. The 4PS Support team is friendly and is happy to help with an in-depth knowledge on our products and services.