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Farewell to Paper Worksheets

With 4PS Mobile, a digital application for field service staff is available so that your field engineer can work anywhere at any time. The benefits for you:


  • Seamless integration with 4PS Construct;
  • Real-time insight into the progress of your work orders by the use of reference points;
  • Complete handling of corrective and preventive work orders, including inspection lists;
  • Navigation from your tablet or laptop;
  • Ordering directly from the application from your favourite wholesaler;
  • The field engineer’s day sheet is generated automatically;
  • The work order can be created decentrally, for instance outside working hours;
  • More efficient work order handling, enabling you to perform more jobs per day.

Thousands of field engineers in the Netherlands work with the 4PS mobile worksheet and it is gaining more and more popularity in the UK. They enter their data only once, which reduces the chance of errors. It is also time-saving and cost-effective. As the customer gives approval immediately, the activities are paid sooner, which has a positive effect on your liquidity position. 4PS Mobile contributes to employee and customer satisfaction.


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Speaking about Good Tools

When you equip your field engineers with the mobile field service application 4PS Mobile, you ensure efficient collaboration with colleagues at the office.


Fault Reporting

Of course, the customer can log the issue by phone or e-mail, but using the 4PS Service Portal or the 4PS Service Reports App is a much easier way. This will provide direct insight into the call status and the field engineer's expected arrival time.


The Right Deployment

A field engineer is found for the job, possibly on the basis of availability, but it is even better to focus on their knowledge and capacity. With the 4PS Graphic Planning Tool, you can see which field engineer is specialised in which field, where the field engineers are, and on whose  route the job is.

Getting Started

Your field engineer receives the data from 4PS Construct on their tablet and knows exactly what is expected from them. If the job has been completed satisfactorily, they will receive the customer’s signature, which is transferred to the back office immediately. This means that invoicing can take place on the same day.


Job Completed

It often takes a long time before the administration of a job is taken care of. With 4PS however this is a thing of the past, since the data entered is immediately available in 4PS Construct. The actual hours and the materials used are entered, attachments can be added, and everything can be invoiced in an instant.


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Consultancy and Implementation
The implementation of our application in your business requires knowledge of your business processes, change management and the actual application. The 4PS Consultants guarantee fast, controlled and affordable implementations.
Project Management
The success of an implementation is partly due to a good project manager. The fact is that during the rebuilding implementation, the shop should remain open and activities should be running as usual. The 4PS project managers monitor the progress and they oversee the overall process.
We strive to provide a smooth and flawless operation of our products. If you have a query, you are encouraged to report it quickly. The 4PS Support team is friendly and is happy to help with an in-depth knowledge on our products and services.