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This is essential for any company providing services and working in a project-based way. The difference between profit and loss can depend on unexpected and even small factors. Good software for all your processes can help you with this, not only for efficient business operations, but also to enhance the cooperation with your clients and chain partners.


In collaboration with Microsoft and its customers, 4PS has developed ERP software that is suitable for any part of your company. It provides thorough support in the preparation, execution and aftercare of your projects, based on the reliable Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform used by millions of people all over the world.


Enter data only once, digitise your document flow, monitor your projects online, and gain more insight into projects with powerful standard dashboards from PowerBI. This is what we mean by having a grip on things.

Software should be standard, scalable and user-friendly. As market develops quickly, your software should respond accordingly. 4PS has developed standard ERP software for the construction, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, service & maintenance and plant rental sectors. Some 600 companies currently work with this software and benefit from the best tools for the industry.


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Estimate Software from 4PS for the Construction Sector

Thorough estimates are required before a project is realised. This is where our tailor-made estimate software comes in. There are three estimate modules to choose from, each of which is an integral part of 4PS Construct:


  • 4PS Estimate software for construction companies
  • 4PS Estimate software for installation companies
  • 4PS Estimate software for civil engineering companies (RAW methodology)


Each of these modules provides a large number of possibilities to prepare your budget. In the early estimate phase, you lay the foundation for sound project control by means of control codes.


Many companies work with a reliable estimate package. Nevertheless, you can still opt for 4PS and Microsoft. Your estimators can continue to work with the software they are familiar with, since the 4PS is integrated with all known estimate software as standard as well as with the standard CUF format.


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Consultancy and Implementation
The implementation of our application in your business requires knowledge of your business processes, change management and the actual application. The 4PS Consultants guarantee fast, controlled and affordable implementations.
Project Management
The success of an implementation is partly due to a good project manager. The fact is that during the rebuilding implementation, the shop should remain open and activities should be running as usual. The 4PS project managers monitor the progress and they oversee the overall process.
We strive to provide a smooth and flawless operation of our products. If you have a query, you are encouraged to report it quickly. The 4PS Support team is friendly and is happy to help with an in-depth knowledge on our products and services.