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The smartphone is here to stay. Always and everywhere, we are online and want to have access to relevant information. The 4PS Apps can help you with this.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV2018 offers you the possibility of having access to your information on every device. The project manager or contract manager has access to his data anytime and anywhere via a special Tablet Client and a Phone Client for optimum operation.

We have developed apps for various subprocesses to help our customers reach a higher level. 

The apps are fully integrated with the other 4PS solutions, ensuring that reports are received directly in the contractor’s system. It is as simple as it is effective.


4PS has developed a Field Service App, Warehouse App, Major Maintenance and Renovation App and the Void Management App for recording. It is typical of the 4PS Apps that you can fully adjust them to your house style, rendering the App that is specific for your company.


Further details about the various 4PS Apps for your company are provided below.


Dynamic projects

Maintenance and renovation projects form a separate field in the construction business and require a different kind of approach and execution than new building projects. Every home in the total project can be considered a project in itself with its own scope. It is a dynamic process, which needs to be prepared, controlled, managed and supervised well. The efficiency to be gained from this kind of project largely depends on an efficient method.



With the Major Maintenance and Renovation app you're able to perform both 'cold' and more specific 'warm' inspectations. The data is fed back directly to the back office, 4PS Construct. The 4PS MM&R app ensures that the changes occurring in practice will be fed back to 4PS Construct automatically. Additionally, this will also be adjusted in the budget immediately, so that it is always up-to-date.


Since the app feeds back any differences with the previous basic principles, you can submit a complete overview to your principal, rendering invoicing for extension during the term of the project possible as well. 


The main benefits:

  • Lower failure costs due to recording data at the source
  • Direct synchronisation and processing in 4PS Construct
  • Always up-to-date data in the back office
  • Reliable project control and timely invoicing
  • Photographs, attachments and comments can be added



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Consultancy and Implementation
The implementation of our application in your business requires knowledge of your business processes, change management and the actual application. The 4PS Consultants guarantee fast, controlled and affordable implementations.
Project Management
The success of an implementation is partly due to a good project manager. The fact is that during the rebuilding implementation, the shop should remain open and activities should be running as usual. The 4PS project managers monitor the progress and they oversee the overall process.
We strive to provide a smooth and flawless operation of our products. If you have a query, you are encouraged to report it quickly. The 4PS Support team is friendly and is happy to help with an in-depth knowledge on our products and services.